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Label Design Studio
Label Design
Variety of graphics, shapes and fonts to jazz up your lables.
Easy printing out of labels.
Label can be exported in multiple formats
  Scale size of
elements in Label
design studio
  Rotate elements
in Label design
  Adjust Brightness
and Contrast
  Drop Shadow
Add a variety of visual
effects to labels

Create Amazing Label Design with Label Design Studio

Labels have a significant use, both for home and office use. They help you to manage your work efficiently. As stickers are needed on an everyday basis, getting them designed from a professional might prove expensive. With our "Do It Yourself" software, you can design your own tags with our label creator software. This product helps you to create amazing stickers to ease your work.

Tags can help you in managing your files, stationery, CD/DVDís and more. The use of stickers can help in organizing our other vise hectic life. With so many things going on at one point of time, Tags can help to systematize your work manifold. With the help of this label making software , you can create labels without any effort. And you do not need any professional knowledge or expertise to create stickers on your own. You can do that easily with the help of our software.

You can add various elements to your design with the help of our software. It can help you to enhance the overall look and appeal of your sticker. This product has an array of templates for you to choose from. You will be able to customize the shape and size of your tag. These tags can be used for CD/DVD, barcode, shipping, addresses, name tags, containers, stickers and more. Brighten your label by inserting clip art or adding images from our library. It enables you to import data from excel, TXT and CSV file alongside accessing MDB file, this will save you ample time as no manual entering of data will be required. Hence you can create labels for different purposes simultaneously.

Besides, you can add varied visual effects to your design using this product. You can edit elements by adjusting brightness and contrast in your design or applying flip, rotate or transparency on them. You will also be able to apply effects such as blur, emboss, and drop shadow. This software enables you to create and export labels in JPG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, PNG and BMP formats. After creating your label, you can print them easily from your home computer. It gives you tiling options to fit a number of tags on a single sheet of paper to print a huge amount of stickers. If you want, you can also get the stickers professionally print from our print partner Apart from labels, you can use this software to design posters, letterheads, flyers and much more.

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