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Label Design Studio
Label Design
Variety of graphics, shapes and fonts to jazz up your lables.
Easy printing out of labels.
Label can be exported in multiple formats
  Scale size of
elements in Label
design studio
  Rotate elements
in Label design
  Adjust Brightness
and Contrast
  Drop Shadow
Add a variety of visual
effects to labels

Label Designer Software - Your Complete Solution for Label Making and Stationery

The need for letterheads, brochures, envelopes and other stationery is never ending. Labels and stationery are required both at office and home. However, it is not wise to spend loads of money to get them designed from designers. This software comes handy here; this software is a one stop-shop for all your stickers and stationery design needs. It can create various stickers for mailing, shipping, CD/DVD, barcodes, containers etc.; and stationery like letterheads, flyers, brochures, envelopes, postcards etc. in no time. If you are in a hurry, you can use pre-designed templates and customize them according to your requirements. You can also download our free trial to try out our software.

Mailing and Address Stickers: Using the label making software , you can design tags for addressing and mailing purposes. With this you will not have to write addresses manually, and you will be saved on a lot of time. Formal business letters having addressed stickers look more professional too.

Shipping Tags: You can design customized shipping tags using this software and your task will become easier. You can insert your logo to your shipping tag with the use of this software and give a personalized and professional appearance to it.

Barcode Labels: Using this software, you can design barcodes to be pasted onto your products. Barcodes are very essential for selling your products. There are various barcode standards, Label Design Studio allows you to choose from these barcode types which are integrated in the software. You can easily design a barcode by selecting the barcode type. You can also customize the height, scale and rotation of the barcodes.

File Folders: You can design tags for file folders easily with the use of this software. This makes your organizing and management task quite easy. Sticking tags on files is required in both offices and homes so that they can be handled with ease. You can design the tags the way you desire and can adjust the color and other components too.

CD/DVD Label Designs: CD/DVD labels can be designed with the use of this software to add design and show the contents of the CD/DVD easily. It is the CD/DVD label design which makes the CD/DVD look professional and differentiates it from others. A good design can even boost the sales due to the eye-catching look of the CD/DVD.

Name Tags: Name badges and ID cards can be designed using label maker software. To design persuasive tags, you can choose a template and do a bit of editing on it and easily print it. You can choose colors, text, shapes and symbols of your choice to customize it.

Stickers: Customized stickers are a great promotional tool and make your tough tasks manageable. You can be more organized with the use of stickers. With the use of this software from Label Design Studio, you can design your own stickers easily.

Flyers: You can also design flyers using Label Design Studio label software. Flyers are an important aspect of marketing. These flyers can be used as potential selling tools to promote your product or services. Creating attractive flyers using this software is very simple and can be done in minutes.

Announcements:Whether you want to announce a new-product launch or the shifting of your office premises, you can communicate any information by designing attractive announcements using this software. You can start from scratch or select a template to start designing interesting announcements. You can choose the desired font and size and adjust color, contrast and much more.

Brochures: Brochures are a very important part of a business portfolio design. Designing brochures can be expensive and time consuming but with this software, you can design brochures for your organization within minutes. You can take inspiration from pre-designed brochure templates.

Business cards:With an array of business card designs provided in label designer, you can come up with persuasive business cards. This is an essential identity of your business and creates credibility for you in the market. Therefore, you would want to design them with utmost care. Using this software, you can design professional-looking business cards in no time. You can select a template and customize it or start fresh. You can make traditional horizontal or vertical cards to make them look more appealing.

Certificates:Certificates are required for appreciation; this can be in an educational organization or by corporates. Companies often need certificates now-a-days to applaud the efforts of their employees. You can create professional certificates using the label design software

Certificates can be designed for awards, academic excellence, gift certificates, holiday certificates, membership certificates etc.

Envelopes: Envelopes are needed at every home and workplace. They can be easily designed using this software and be used for various purposes. An organization can insert company's insignia to make them look more professional and personalized. For home users, envelopes can be customized for various occasions like birthdays, parties, holidays occasions and more. You can give the desired color to the envelope and apply borders too.

Letterheads: Creating letterheads is another important element of stationery for a company as they need to draft innumerable official documents, which have to be printed on the company's letterhead. Designing letterheads using label software is easy and no extra effort is required. You can insert your company logo, add watermark and write the text as you desire.

Invitations: You can design attractive invitations for various occasions using this software. Invitations can be designed for a business event, party, wedding, baby shower, etc. The software comes with pre-designed templates that help you design invitations. You can edit the invitation way you want and add text in different styles: normal, arc, wave and concave. You can also add backgrounds, clip art and graphic objects on the invitations to make them look striking.

Newsletters: Newsletters contain important information about your organization and thus need to be designed with extra care. Using this software, you can design fabulous newsletters with ease. Adding or deleting elements is extremely easy, and you can also use cut, copy, paste or delete and flip, transparency and rotate provided in the software to edit the template and design the desired newsletter. Newsletters can also be created for schools and these days even family newsletters are popular, newsletters can be published on an annual or monthly basis.
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