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Label Design Studio
Label Design
Variety of graphics, shapes and fonts to jazz up your lables.
Easy printing out of labels.
Label can be exported in multiple formats
  Scale size of
elements in Label
design studio
  Rotate elements
in Label design
  Adjust Brightness
and Contrast
  Drop Shadow
Add a variety of visual
effects to labels

How to Design a Label Using Label Software

Labels are essential part of home and business as they make every task more manageable and organized. We can keep everything systematized by using stickers. However, spending huge amount of money on designers will not be prudent. Therefore, we present to you label software. This software is extremely easy to use and by following the 1-2-3 steps, you can design your own stickers within minutes.

Select a Template
You can start designing from a pre-designed template provided to you in the software, if you want to start fresh; you may also open a blank label project. You can select a template from various template categories like mailing tags, shipping stickers, CD/DVD labels, barcodes, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, brochures, etc.

Customize Template
Next, you can customize the template by customizing the background, text, color, shapes, symbols, images; add your own logo or photos to the sticker. You can also add special effects to the sticker like shadow, outline, blur emboss, color adjustments and more to your label.

Save, Print and Share
Save your sticker project and publish in various formats like- PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PDF and more. You can directly print your label from the software itself using label maker.

Tips to create a perfect label:
  • The key to an excellent label design is that you should try to keep it simple. The simpler it is, the more eye-catching it will be. With the templates provided in software, you will achieve the desired results with your label.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that you should know the purpose of creating the sticker as it will influence its design to a great extent. Each tag will have a different design. Designing an address label is completely different from designing a Jar tag. A jar sticker can have some attractive images an address tag on the other hand will have neat look.
  • Using graphic elements interestingly will also help in designing the perfect label for your organization. The graphic elements should be a true representation of your company.
  • Consider the background and foreground while choosing the color scheme for your label. Contemplating initially will save you a lot of time in designing labels later. A light background should have a dark text and vice versa, for example black text will stand out on a white background and white text will stand out on a black background.
  • Try to use readable fonts on your label design, or it will lose its effect. Preferably for professional look the fonts should be sans-serif or serif. In addition, do not use more than two fonts; otherwise it will look too cluttered.
  • The content of the sticker is very important. As the tags are usually small in size, limited text can be added, this is an essential element which many marketers overlook. Mentioning only the required content on your label design is of paramount importance. The content should be such that properly explains the utility of the tag.
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